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Check Out Our Hemp Cream - A CBD Alternative To Muscle Balms

Hemp cream is a CBD alternative to pain-relieving muscle cream. Infused with CBD and lidocaine, hemp cream can be easily applied topically directly to the desired location. K'dara makes the best hemp cream for pain thanks to its scents, topical safety, and mix of natural and conventional medicines.

Aromatherapy Scents

Available in eucalyptus and lavender, hemp cream avoids any medicinal smell and gives you some bonus aromatherapy. Choose eucalyptus to wake you up or lavender to help you relax.


This topical cream is safe for skin and derived from organically grown Colorado hemp. GMO-free and contaminant-free, it is laboratory tested for purity. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other contaminants are not present in this made-in-the-USA cream.

Complimentary Medicine

With both CBD and lidocaine contained in hemp cream, you get the best of two medicinal pearls of wisdom. Apply as needed to sore or achy spots.

If You're Aching for A Cure, It's Time To Try Hemp Cream

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