Our Founder

Inspired to help others, Katrina Thompkins is a Cardiovascular ICU Nurse who witnesses the debilitating effects of stress, chronic pain and sleeplessness on her patients everyday. Influenced by generations of women in her own family,

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Stress, sleep deprivation, and pain

Katrina dedicated herself to holistic health—caring for the whole person in the most gentle and effective way possible. Katrina’s sourced superior ingredients and connected with an expert pharmacist to formulate organic CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, pain creams, dog drop tinctures and pet chews. Living in a fast-paced society full of daily stressors, lack of sleep, and chronic pain, takes its toll on our health. It’s time to invest in your health first. Live for yourself, and pursue your passions. Especially if we want to do it in a gentle and natural, yet effective way.

The Inspiration Behind K’dara: Grandma Clover

K’dara is built on the foundation of inspiring women—and it all started with Grandma Clover. Katrina’s grandmother was a strong, hard-working and independent woman. It was Granda Clover who instilled a passion for health and healing in Katrina from a young age.

A leader within her community, Clover grew up believing in the benefits of herbal medicine. She was dedicated to inspiring others to invest in their health and happiness through the use of plants, herbs and natural remedies. Sadly, Clover’s life was cut short due to breast cancer but her chronic pain inflammation and discomfort was eased through the traditional herbal medicine she’d practiced throughout her entire life.

At K’dara, we honor Clover’s legacy—that living every moment, loving yourself and enjoying life begins and ends with herbal medicine. We believe that the cannabis plant and its components would be an essential part of Clover’s life and practice if she were alive today. Through K’dara, Clover’s tradition of natural remedies and herbal healing lives on. Passed down through generations, Katrina and her mother Patricia use medicinal herbs as a core element of natural health and healing.

CBD Therapy for Pets

Our all natural CBD treats for pets are specifically formulated with the physiology of your four-legged friend in mind.

Meet Bailey and Spencer, the inspirations behind our line of CBD pet products. Bailey, a three year-old Bichon Frise enjoys intense play sessions, squeaky toys and his daily CDB treats. Spencer, a thirteen year-old Toy Poodle, is intelligent, sweet and loyal to the core. After years of running around, he likes to wind down with his daily CBD treats. From flavored tinctures to biscuits, chews and CBD-infused peanut butter, K’dara’s pet treats are made with natural ingredients and fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.

Introducing Spencer, our manly man thirteen-year-old Toy poodle. He is the watch dog of our home. His intelligent, loyal, and sweet personality makes him the best cuddle bug. After all the years of playing and running around, Spencer likes to wind down and takes his daily source of CBD treats every day.