Lab Results

Order NameBatch #Lab Report
Apple Rings 750mg121319View COA
Beef Wraps 100mg121619View COA
Canine Treats 100mg121619View COA
Clear Bears 750mg121319View COA
K’dara Beef 100mg121319View COA
K’dara Bacon 50mg121319View COA
K’dara Beef 50mg121319View COA
K’dara Bacon 100mg121319View COA
Doggie Bacon 100mg121619View COA
Jerky Sticks 100mg121619View COA
Sour Worms 750mg121319View COA
Steak Bites 100mg121619View COA
Chicken Balls 100mgPT1201View COA
Watermelon Slices 750mg121319View COA
K’dara CBD Oil 500mg2020010407View COA
K’dara CBD Oil 1000mg2020010406View COA
K’dara CBD Oil 3000mg2020010409View COA
K’dara CBD Cream20200201View COA

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