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Welcome. To this moment. This Haus is your space–your time is luxury. If you’re looking for Peace, let us escort you to your destination. Step into our Haus for more, and once you’re ready to curate your own discovery. We’ll be here waiting.

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Our Ethos

We challenge the norm. In fact, we step out of it. We’re here to bring in innovation like you’ve never imagined, curated experiences that you didn’t think were possible, and product lines that transform your life. Our passion for holistic health, the incredible benefits of cannabis, modern style, and staying true to ourselves enable us to empower wo|men like you, to live a life of your own design.

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K'dara Essentials

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Our thoughtfully curated selection of premium CBD products are designed to bring a sense of peace to one’s daily quality and overall wellness. Pick your collection.

Haus of Beauty

Our luxurious CBD-infused beauty products are formulated with nourishing elements to compliment and elevate your daily routine.

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Haus of Wine

Redefining Wine.
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Curious, and wanting a taste? We know you’ll love our gummies just as much as we do. Sample our gummies for free.

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