About Me

My name is Katrina, I’m a Dallas-based Cardiovascular ICU Nurse who saw firsthand the debilitating effects of chronic pain and sleeplessness. Inspired to help others, I sourced the best ingredients, and brought in an expert pharmacist who helped formulate a variety of organic CBD products.

Stress, Sleep Deprivation, And Pain.

Living in a fast-paced society full of daily stressors, lack of sleep, and chronic pain, takes its toll on our health. It’s time to invest in your health first. Live for yourself, and pursue your passions. Especially if we want to do it in a gentle and natural, yet effective way.

My Why…

My passion in life is caring for others. I believe that CBD is a powerful ally in helping you on your journey to natural health and wellness. Our mission is to help you on this voyage by providing you with the educational resources that will help you start your way to living your best life. Our brand is inspired by the legacy of three generations of strong, nurturing women, who want to help you live every moment, love yourself, and enjoy life.

We have taken the same care and expertise to develop our range of K'dara CBD pet products that are specifically formulated with the physiologies of your pets in mind.

The Inspiration Behind our Pet Line:

Meet Bailey, the one year old Bichon Frise and ball of pure fluff. His wonderfully affectionate, and playfulness, makes him the center of attention. Bailey loves his intense play sessions with his squeaky toys and his daily CBD treats.

Introducing Spencer, our manly man eleven-year-old Toy poodle. He is the watch dog of our home. His intelligent, loyal, and sweet personality makes him the best cuddle bug. After all the years of playing and running around, Spencer likes to wind down and takes his daily source of CBD treats every day.


Grandma Clover: The Inspiration Behind the Brand

K’dara is a brand built on the foundation of strong aspiring women. It all started with my Grandma Clover. A strong, hard-working, independent woman. She instilled in me a passion for health and healing.

A natural leader within her community, Grandma Clover inspired many to invest in their health. Clover grew up believing that many types of herbs helped her recovery process after a horrific head-on car collision in the early sixty’s.

Unfortunately, in the mid-eighties her life was cut short due to Breast Cancer. She continued to use different herbs that she believed helped manage her chronic pain inflammation and discomfort.

I believe that the cannabis plant and its various components would certainly be an essential part of Clover’s life today if she were alive.

Grandma Clover’s attention to natural remedies and herbal healing lives on. Her legacy was passed down throughout the generations as my very own mother and I continue to use herbal remedies for natural health and healing.