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We exist to empower wo|men around the world to feel their best, be inspired to chase their dreams, and love a life by their own design. By combining our passions for luxury, modern style healthy living, and curated experiences, we introduce a forward-thinking approach to holistic health and wellness.

K’Dara is a legacy built from generations of strong, inspiring, and passionate women. It all began with Grandma Clover and her devotion to herbal medicine and holistic healing. This passion passed down to her daughter, Patricia, who became the driving force of energy and backbone of who we are. Her hardworking and loving soul inspires people to follow their dreams and create their own opportunities. As a huge staple to our identity, she…

This brings us to the Founder, Katrina Thompkins, who became committed to reshaping her mindset and discovering the best way to live. As a Cardiovascular ICU nurse, she has witnessed the devastating effects of stress, chronic pain, and sleep deprivation on their patients on a daily basis. Together with her family’s influence and her own passions, she founded K’Dara in 2020 to redefine the way people live.

Katrina wanted to break the norms of modern medicine, health, wellness, and luxury and create a true change. She chose to pursue her own passion and dreams by strategically choosing one of
the hardest industries to get into as a startup. She didn’t want to just become another luxury CBD wellness brand. Her dream is to disrupt the space, pioneer a new mindset, and a new standard of living. One that allows wo|men to pursue their dreams without the detrimental effects of hard work and daily stressors. In order to execute her vision, she has assembled a team of experts who have sourced premium, superior ingredients and formulated luxury products.

This is K’Dara.

Curate your own
Peace of luxury

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