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K'dara CBD’s pharmaceutical grade, full-spectrum CBD products are produced using clean and safe CO2 extraction technologies from organically grown US hemp.

Read more about our CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, pain creams, dog drop tinctures and pet chews.

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CBD Gummies

Gummy Galore! One of the tastiest ways to consume your daily dose of CBD.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Prepare yourself for the ultimate calm with our range of Full Spectrum CBD Oils!

CBD Topicals

CBD cream with Added Lidocaine! Yes Please! Take my aches, pains, and soreness away.

CBD Pet Products

Our Doggies Need Love Too! Treat your furry best friend to our organic CBD treats and tinctures.

Why Choose K'dara CBD?

Organic, premium-quality products. Third-party tested for purity & safety

Pharmacist developed & THC free

Convenient, efficient, effective & easy-to-use products

Live every moment, love yourself, and enjoy life.

With our CBD oil, pain creams, and gummies offering targeted benefits in a convenient, effective and easy-to-use formula, we can help you start your journey to better health starting today.

Live every moment, love yourself, and enjoy life.

Learn About Our Different Blends

HomeTerpene: Myrcene
Description: Earthy, Herbal
Properties: Believed to promote calming effects.
HomeTerpene: Limonene
Description: Bitter citrus
Properties: Believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.
HomeTerpene: Eucalyptol
Properties: Believed to be Anti-bacterial, and Anti-fungal
HomeTerpene: Linalool
Description: Floral Aroma, found in Lavender
Properties: Believed to promote relaxation and calming effects
HomeTerpene: Mixture of Pinene and Limonene
Properties: Pinene is believed to be used for pain and inflammation

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are fragrant essential oils secreted in various concentrations of cannabis strains alongside cannabinoids like CBD.

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